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Are you building halls or repairing a residential house and are you in the process of choosing the right technologies? When preparing low-voltage projects, we determine the requirements of the client in the first phase. We will advise you how to make use of advantages of current lighting production technologies, how to manage lighting, and other site technologies, what kind of material to use, how many sockets there should be and where, where to place emergency lighting etc. We explore the purpose of the building and based on the information we propose the most suitable technology for the installation to function best. If you submit an already elaborated project to us, we will tell you what we would recommend as the best solution and what we would not recommend due to possible functional issues. In particular, we specialize in reducing costs and we can calculate the costs so that the recommended electrical installation works and material would bring investment savings while preserving user standards.

As part of low-voltage system, we offer individual solutions of the following kind:

  • Installation of supporting cable structures
  • Installation of low-voltage cables
  • Assembly of low-voltage substations
  • Assembly and manufacture of power low-voltage switchgears
  • Uninterruptible power supply sources UPS, engine-generators
  • Lighting, including control
  • Overhead low-voltage lines
  • Ground cable distribution systems
  • Low-voltage line relocations

Based on your requirements we will prepare our offer for you. We will choose a proven solution which we have had the best experience with. If you have an already-elaborated solution, we will advice the best options and tailored solutions. We prepare a calculation and define the assignment. We always analyze the entire principle of the building so that our technical solution may function free of any issues.


Once we agree with your comments and you are satisfied with the technical solution, you will confirm by an acceptance letter that you want us to execute the solution. Preparatory and design phase begins, during which we arrange all permits and prepare all documents for the project documentation. Then we go on to draw up a contract for work, which we will prepare for you. As this is a time-consuming process requiring timely execution, we will propose acceptance by an order or any other valid confirmation.


We will set up an implementation team from our employees we will deal with the proposed technical solution in detail. The entire implementation is subject to clear ISO processes. We will begin to select a suitable subcontractor of electrical installation works and electrical assembly material. When implementing an order requiring the duty by law to report it to the Technical Inspection of the Czech Republic we will immediately carry out this duty, provide training on Health and Safety at Work, hand over the site to subcontractors and ensure a smooth progress of implementation.


Once you report any fault, partial malfunction or emergency situation, we will accept the installation for servicing. We will carry out checks and determine any defects and arrears of work. We will collect documents for installation and begin to remedy the defects found. We will also ensure continual monitoring regular installation maintenance.

Miroslav Holub
executive director,
MIGIS s.r.o.

“Working with COBAP is very beneficial not only to individual investors but to me myself. My experience is based on our cooperation on orders such as GoCom Tuchoměřice, Haly Praha – Libuš, where COBAP as the contractor was responsible for complex deliveries and installations of electrical fire detection system. It was a pleasant surprise to witness the approach and expert attitude of the company’s implementation teams. The proposed optimization of designed solutions came at no expense of quality and technical parameters of the works. Next, I would like to emphasize our cooperation in development assistance, where we cooperate on basic setting of parameters and standards, optimization of technical solutions in regard to specific requirements of all clients. These solutions are applied in particular when implementing orders in the private sector where we have implemented above-standards deliveries of technologies and materials, including complex coordination of partial technological deliveries.”

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