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High voltage from 1kV

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We offer consultations and execution to companies planning to connect high voltage to their buildings. We have carried out a number of construction projects of transformer stations. In the early phase of the project we can effectively calculate the consumption of the new premises and the size of the transformer station. We will arrange all the background documentation for the planning and building permission for your project and we will get into contact with the power provider operating in a given place. We will arrange all formalities on your behalf and ask the power provider for a position on your project, which we will process for you. Once the project is given a go-ahead, we will begin the execution of the project.

As part of high-voltage system, we offer individual solutions of the following kind:

  • Installation of high-voltage cables
  • Assembly of high-voltage cable fittings
  • Assembly of supporting cable structures
  • Assembly of high-voltage substations
  • Overhead high-voltage lines



Based on your requirements we will prepare our offer for you. We will choose a proven solution which we have had the best experience with. If you have an already-elaborated solution, we will advice the best options and tailored solutions. We prepare a calculation and define the assignment. We always analyze the entire principle of the building so that our technical solution may function free of any issues.


Once we agree with your comments and you are satisfied with the technical solution, you will confirm by an acceptance letter that you want us to execute the solution. Preparatory and design phase begins, during which we arrange all permits and prepare all documents for the project documentation. Then we go on to draw up a contract for work, which we will prepare for you. As this is a time-consuming process requiring timely execution, we will propose acceptance by an order or any other valid confirmation.


We will set up an implementation team from our employees we will deal with the proposed technical solution in detail. The entire implementation is subject to clear ISO processes. We will begin to select a suitable subcontractor of electrical installation works and electrical assembly material. When implementing an order requiring the duty by law to report it to the Technical Inspection of the Czech Republic we will immediately carry out this duty, provide training on Health and Safety at Work, hand over the site to subcontractors and ensure a smooth progress of implementation.


Once you report any fault, partial malfunction or emergency situation, we will accept the installation for servicing. We will carry out checks and determine any defects and arrears of work. We will collect documents for installation and begin to remedy the defects found. We will also ensure continual monitoring regular installation maintenance.

Tomáš Novotný
Regional Director
CTP Invest, spol. s r. o.

“I am frequently in contact with COBAP during the year. Whether this is in the first stage in the processing of our demands, or subsequently during the design works, proposals of technical solutions and the implementation. I also very much appreciate their assistance when dealing with legislative issues in relation to our investment plans. As investors, we aim at satisfying our clients both regarding quality as well as in keeping the implementation deadlines and the financial size. During the execution of warehouse and production halls in Bor, Divišov, Žatec and Mladá Boleslav I have become convinced that COBAP is able to help as in meeting these objectives.”