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    Electrical installations

AB Argentinská Praha

28. 5. 2018 | 2018
AB Argentinská Praha

We have succeeded in the selection process of the general contractor of the AB Argentinská construction and we will carry out electrical and high-voltage wiring.


Pilsen University Hospital – building a parking lot

Investor: Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň
Objednatel: GEOSAN GROUP a.s.

Type of order: Industrial construcion
Term of implementation: V/2017 – X/2017
Amount: CZK 8,170,000
Place: Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň, Alej Svobody 80, 30460 Plzeň Lochotín

COBAP s.r.o. for GEOSAN GROUP a.s. work consisting in the complete supply of heavy-current installations consisting of connecting the parking space of the transformer station to the main switchboard, installing the socket distribution, installing the distribution and lighting elements inside and outside, installation of emergency lighting and lighting elements, installation of electrical floor heating, distribution for HVAC, systems, lightning protection, LN relaying, including earthworks related to the execution of the work; complete supply of low-voltage installations consisting of electrical installations and elements of fire-fighting system (EPS), CCTV camera systems and distribution system components, distribution systems and components of the parking system, distributions and elements of the gas detection system and combustible mixtures. The work was mainly on weekends so that the realization had the least impact on the operation of the hospital. For these reasons, the order was relatively demanding for coordination, yet we handed the work in the required quality and deadline.

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