Based on your inquiry, we will prepare an offer and select a proven solution with which we have the best experience. If you already have a solution, we will advise you on suitable options and tailor-made variants. We process the calculation and define the assignment. Finally, we always examine the whole construction principle so that our technical solution works as a whole.


Once we agree to your comments and you will be satisfied with the technical solution, you will confirm your interest in our implementation by acceptance letter. Then comes the preparatory and design phase, where we arrange all permits and prepare all the documentation for the project documentation. We will then proceed to prepare a contract for work that we prepare for you. Since this is a lengthy process and needs to start with the implementation, acceptance will be resolved by an order or other valid confirmation.


From our experts, we will assemble the implementation team and deal in detail with the proposed technical solution. The whole implementation is subject to ISO processes. We will start to select a suitable subcontractor for electrical installation work and electrical installation material. When executing a contract that requires a notification to the Technical Inspection of the Czech Republic by law, we immediately handle this obligation, provide OSH training, hand over the site to subcontractors and ensure a smooth implementation process.

Upon your notification of a defect, partial breakdown or accident, we will accept the completed installations for service. We will check and identify defects and backlogs. Also, we will pick up the documentation part for the installation and proceed to remedy the detected defects. We will also provide you with continuous monitoring and regular maintenance of your installations.