Pharmacy and outlet for health equipment, Mladá Boleslav Hospital

Energie - stavební a báňská a.s.
Type of order
Realization date
november 2015 - february 2016
771 000 Kč
Mladá Boleslav

The company COBAP s.r.o. has completed a fully functioning piece of work made up of the delivery and installation of high-voltage and low-voltage current electrical wiring (EPS, structured cabling, camera systems, optical connections, a security alarm system, an entry communication system, SO  303 – the relocation  and connection of area LT distributors, SO 304 – the relocation of the area’s external lighting, and all this in the construction of the pharmacy and health equipment outlet in the Mladá Boleslav district hospital, a hospital in the Central Bohemia region.

Work on the project continued through weekends so that everything was ready for the completion of work on the interior.