District Hospital Ml. Boleslav, a.s., Central Bohemia regional hospital

Energie - construction and mining company
Type of order
Realization date
january 2015 - february 2016
9 113 000 Kč
Mladá Boleslav

The company COBAP s.r.o. created a fully functioning piece of work consisting of the supply and installation of high-voltage current and low-voltage current electrical wiring (structured cabling, electronic entry checking, a common television antenna, communication equipment for nurse and patient, a domestic communication and entry system, an evacuation public address system  for the building), EPS, relocation and connection to the area NN distribution system and external lighting.

The order was completed in a fairly short period of time and, despite a large number of systems, was completed on schedule, to the quality required and at the proper time so the building could be opened for its patients.