Testing lab hall of compressors Ingersoll

Type of order
Industrial construction
Realization date
september 2012 - october 2012
6 000 000 Kč
Hostivice near Prague

COBAP Company s.r.o. implemented complete high-voltage installations of a newly established testing lab of compressors of the company Ingersoll-Rand Equipment Manufacturing Czech Republic in Hostivice near Prague.The delivery scope is from processing the implementing project documentation through a complete delivery of distributors, cabling, support systems, and lighting of the whole building. A separate part of the delivery is the delivery of a passive lightning conductor of the premises.

An important specific feature of the project is the integration of a variable stationary source with the voltage range of 360 to 690V / 500kVA and the frequency inverter for this voltage range with the frequency from 0 to 2000Hz to which all relevant parts of the installation are adapted, in particular the devices in the distributors.

Due to the requirements for the maximum limit of measurement interfering of the tested devices the entire installation is made ​with shielded cables.