Revitalization of boiler room, Radlická

Red group, s.r.o.
Type of order
Realization date
september 2015
25 000 000 Kč
Prague, Radlická St.

The history of the local building of the former Walter company, in which can now be found offices of the firms BSH and BOSCH, captures one’s attention not only by its architectonic arrangement but also by its function in the past. The building was intimately linked to the railway, and locomotives used to go right inside it to unload coal. That served to produce energy which was supplied to the whole of the Walter company and was further used to manufacture motorcycles, cars and later the world famous Walter aero engines.

Both the building itself and individual offices respect the original character of the environment, in some ways they are indeed exceptional and we are very glad to be able to share in their revitalization by carrying out the complete installation of electrical wiring.