ProLogis Czech Republic

Prologis DC5 Jirny
Type of order
Industrial construction
Realization date
january 2015 - april 2015
19 000 000 Kč

It is a unit of the DC5 warehouse with an area of 30,000 square meters with its storage up to the height of 12.5 meters. A part of the hall is a large administration space, an expedition as well as reception in-building, a hatehouse and a separate SHZ machine room. The company COBAP s.r.o. participated in the construction by implementing high-voltage wiring, supplying a kiosk expansion station, HV connection, LV connection, range VO wiring, radio installing, electronic fire system connected to the PCO, conductors + ground and creating the project documentation. The hall is going to be used in the future by the internet shop MALL.CZ.