Bronswerk – Heat Transfer

Production hall Bronswerk
Type of order
Industrial construction
Realization date
march 2012 - october 2012
8 000 000 Kč
Benešov nad Ploučnicí

The contract “Bronswerk” represented for our company a delivery of wiring for the newly built production halls and office space that are a part of the current complex of an important manufacturer of components in the field of a heat exchange of the company Bronswerk HEAT TRANSFER s.r.o.

Cobap Company s.r.o. participated in the construction by a complete delivery of wiring. A part of the works was, besides other things, also a delivery and an installation of the busbar system, a delivery of lighting controlled by DALI system, structured cabling, the system  MaR, an active lightning conductor and LV connection from the current substation.