Austrian grammar school

Pontos Property, s.r.o.
Type of order
Realization date
july 2014 - august 2015
13 000 000 Kč

Description: a new building for the Austrian grammar school in Prague. A unique project financed by the Austrian ministry of education with the support of the Czech ministry of education. The project improves the available educational opportunities in Prague 12 in the form of a multi-year, bilingual grammar school while the school itself is undergoing development and the new building will allow them to expand their traditional six-year educational programme to an eight-year one; and that for a not insignificant three hundred extra young people. In the order, COBAP s.r.o. shared in the supply for GD Swietelsky s.r.o. of a complete electrical installation made up of MaR, high-voltage current, a system for controlling roller blinds including visualisation, active lightning conductors, CBS, UPS, a domestic telephone, an IP telephone switchboard, evacuation broadcasting, a security system, a camera system, an access system, an emergency call system, the installation of common television aerials, the connection of interactive teaching boards and an electronic fire alarm system.