PeHToo production hall, Horšovský Týn

SYNER, s.r.o.
Type of order
Industrial construction
Realization date
july 2015 - february 2016
3 405 000 Kč
Horšovský Mlýn

The company COBAP s.r.o. has carried out the delivery and installation of high-voltage current electrical wiring, made up of the installation of socket distributors; interior, exterior and emergency lighting; reserve DA sources; RH and RPO distributors; power-supply and SHZ distribution systems; skylight flaps; earthing distributor sets; and protection against lightning strikes, all as part of the project for the PeHToo production hall in Horšovský Týn. Shortly before the term of completion the range of the work was increased at the request of the investor by the addition of an EPS system with connection to the existing hall. The work took place in a relatively short period.

Thanks to good coordination with the general supplier and representatives of the investor, it was possible to complete the work within the agreed terms and at the required quality.