Maškova Garden, Turnov

Town Council Turnov
Type of order
Realization date
october 2015 - april 2016
10 000 000 Kč

The company COBAP s.r.o. has completed work on a sports recreation centre in Turnov. The centre contains a swimming area with a stainless steel set of pools, an in-line skating rink and, last but not least, a winter sports stadium which was, from an electrician’s point of view, the most fundamental part of this order.

On the basis of this order our company carried out the installation of high voltage current electrical wiring, a measurement and control system for the winter sports stadium and also technology for the swimming pools and extensive public lighting which is located right around the whole in-line track and in the car park. An interesting feature of this order was how the lighting was attached inside the winter sports stadium where the shape of the light holders had to be adapted to the dome-like roof of the building.

Operation of this modern area was successfully launched in May 2016.