Headquarters and Depot PPL Jažlovice

HOYA, uzavřený investiční fond a.s.
Type of order
Industrial construction
Realization date
november 2012 - july 2013
10 600 000 Kč
Říčany - Jažlovice

From November 2012 the company Cobap s.r.o. took part in the project preparation and construction of the central terminal and depot PPL in Jažlovice near Prague. The scope of the supply was a complete high-voltage installation, all the lighting and a compact system of the building power back-up (motor generator 500kVA for the back-up technology of the building, 60kVA UPS to bridge the gap until the start, 40KVA UPS for the fire equipment). The supply also included a compact system of the area grounding and an active lightning conductor. All the hall lighting as well as all the outdoor lighting was implemented in LED technology.