Yankee Candle Factory – Havraň u Mostu

Yankee Candle s.r.o.
Type of order
Industrial construction
Realization date
may 2016 - february 2017
15 500 000 Kč
Havraň u Mostu

COBAP has commissioned a new customer for TAKENAKA EUROPE GmbH. This was a production and warehouse hall for Yankee Candle s.r.o., a well-known candle maker, our “only” weak-current systems. The largest volume was the EPS system, where almost all available components were used, from optical-smoke sensors, temperature detection cables, flame detectors to the suction system. Interestingly, the supply of LED monitors shows information from single-time and local radio systems. Our other deliveries were EZS, SK, CCTV, DT, Detection and ACS.